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The background: Simon Buret (writer/composer/performer) and Olivier Coursier (composer/arranger) were destined to meet each other, and that is now a fact! In 2004, advised by a friend, Simon called on Olivier to give him some lyrics. That resulted in a first title, “Endless Song”, and collaboration. Aaron was born.

Hometown: France.

The truth: “Birds in the Storm”, a piece of dark and epic bravura, is to AaRON what “Violator” has been to Depeche Mode.

The buzz: With “Seeds of Gold”, AaRON has crafted one of those incredibly physical songs, taking pop to levels of perfection it all but seldom reaches. The intense pleasure that sure-fire hits give, whipping up force 4 gales and pushing us out of ourselves, as we begin to believe that a single song can change the world, at least in our heads.

What to buy: “We Cut the Night”.

File next to: Puggy.