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The band members met at a french grammar school in Luxembourg and come from Luxembourg, Spain, the US, France and Finland. Their music is influenced by the Beatles flirting with psychedelic Bossa Nova, Passion Pit and Grizzly Bear. Natas Loves You play warm, bright and colourful pop using guitars, vocal harmonies, samples and keyboards. Their first album will be released in 2014 and is produced by Chris Zane (Friendly Fires, Passion Pit, Mumford and Sons, Les Savy Fav).

Hometown: Luxembourg (LU) / Paris (FR)

The buzz: ambitious pop that speaks to your hips and your heads

The truth: 4 lux guys with an authentic French charm

What to buy: debut single: weightless you

File next to: Passion Pit, Klaxons or Beatles, John Barry