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Eternal unshaven kidults playing hide and seek at the frontier between the organic and the synthesis, the three boys in Colt Silvers create their own intense sound, made of bright pop intervals and silky electronic layers, spangled here and there with angelic voices. After an incandescent debut album that led them to tour in France, Germany and USA, they developed their cinematographic side trough a reinterpretation of the Blade Runner soundtrack and an acoustic concept-EP. With a wealth of such explorations they are back in spring 2013 with “Red Panda”, a new, dense and wooded album, carried by various collaborations and a most refreshing eighties temperament.

Hometown: Strasbourg (FR)

The truth: A French act aiming global : praised by NME, toured the US & China

The buzz: “Hide and Seek” interactive music video, and their serious cover of Miley Cyrus

What to buy single: “As We Walk” and its fresh summer beat

File next to: Foals, Klaxons, Cure