VCAs – Video Clip Award Luxembourg (3rd edition)

Saturday, Nov 14, 2015

2015 will see the third edition of the Video Clip Awards in Luxembourg. On Saturday 14th November Rockhal and Rocklab (M&R Rockhal) will again showcase and reward the most creative and innovative clips “Made in Luxembourg”!

The Video Clip Awards of the Rockhal are the result of an analysis of today’s role and importance of the music video in the audio-visual landscape and the music industry. With the birth and proliferation of new technologies such as social media, legal video platforms (Youtube, Vevo…) and accessible video and VJ software, the status of the music video has fundamentally changed and developed and is today not only a promotional tool and additional revenue stream but also a discrete art form.

It’s therefore that for the third time, we invite you to join us to celebrate and reward the best works of art of this genre. With 30 participating clips it promises to be an exciting ceremony.