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We recommend that children up to 15 should be accompanied by an adult.


No, cameras are not allowed inside the Rockhal. And if you use your mobile phone for taking pictures, please imagine what the people behind you can see from the stage when there are hundreds of cell phones in their view…


It is not allowed to bring your own food and beverage to the Rockhal. However we offer you a large variety of drinks and food here. You have got the choice from snacks at one of our stands in the foyer up to a full menu at the Rockhalcafe.


The Rockhal has its own security department, and because they are present to ensure your safety such agents are authorised to carry out searches.
In accordance with the regulations in force, and for your own safety, the following objects are not allowed inside the Rockhal:

  • bottles (glass or plastic)
  • food
  • small beer bottles
  • motorcycle crash helmets (to be left at the cloakroom)
  • any recording equipment (audio equipment, photo apparatus, cameras, etc.)
  • smoke bombs
  • laser pens
  • knives

…and more generally, any dangerous objects.


… is not allowed in the venue, but you can smoke in a separated space in front of the Rockhal.


You can buy your festival tickets by using credit cards at our box office. However inside the venue at the bars and merch we only accept cash. We do not have an ATM at our venue, but there are several cash machines outside in the direct neighbourhood. As all exits are final you need to withdraw before you enter the Rockhal.

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