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VCAs – What’s it all about?

  • VCAs stands for Video Clip Awards Luxembourg
  • Rockhal & Rocklab (Music & Resources) want to showcase and reward the best music videos made in Luxembourg.
  • The awards ceremony will take place on Saturday 18 November during the Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival at the Rockhal.

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Why an award for videos?

  • Since the days of MTV videos have become more and more important for artists and the music industry.
  • Youtube has become one of the major streaming platform for music consumers.
  • Today video clips have not only become essential for promoting music but represent an important revenue stream for artists.
  • New technologies and software have significantly reduced budgets so that video clip productions are now accessible to a wide range of professional and semiprofessional artists.
  • Music videos have become an integral part of many artistic music projects.

Why an award in Luxembourg?

  • Luxembourg’s music scene is developing rapidly thanks to the combined efforts of different players in the country.
  • Since the first edition of the VCAs in November 2013, an increasing number of new music videos have been directed and produced in Luxembourg or by Luxembourg artists each year.
  • The video industry has become an important business factor worldwide and has a lot of synergies / links with projects and infrastructures already established in Luxembourg.


Who can participate?

  • Luxembourg resident directors or filmmakers who have directed or produced a music video for an international or Luxembourg resident artist or band.
  • Luxembourg resident artists and bands who have a video produced by a Luxembourg resident or international director of filmmaker.
  • To eligible for the Video Clip Awards, the video submitted must have been released between January 1 2016 and October 20 2017.
  • Videos which have already been awarded during a former edition of the Video Clip Awards are not eligible. 
  • The complete regulations can be read here.
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