Wendi Pendeza Kazonza is founding partner of the Oslo based independent music company GILT in Norway, where she is the Head of Projects and A&R. The company provides publishing for the writers like sparkx, Kristoffer Lo and Anorakk, and have provided artist services for the artist Jakob Ogawa. A day to day work for Kazonza is to make sure that the writers rights are taken care of, as well as doing A&R, setting up sessions, pitching the writers work to music supervisors and tv- and film companies in Norway and more.

As well as working closely with the rightholders of the company, she also provides music supervison for film- and TV-productions. Her latest work was on the youth series Nudes by the Norwegian Brodcaster NRK. The series is sold to several countries, including the UK and the broadcaster BBC.

GILT is owned by both Mia Hallesby and Wendi Pendeza Kazonza.