Turo Pekari is an innovation specialist, researcher, ecosystem builder and startup advisor, currently leading Teosto Futures Lab innovation platform of Teosto. Established in 2016, Teosto Futures Lab has been in the forefront changing the way how music rights management organizations work. Teosto Futures Lab develops future concepts for music industry and has a wide portfolio of projects ranging from blockchain, AI & machine learning, biosensor technology & neuroscience to data-driven innovation and edtech.

As an expert in open innovation, future technologies, startup advisory, innovation policy and funding mechanisms, Turo is speaking frequently around the world in different events on various topics like music innovation, blockchain, music data & metadata, EU funding, future of music, affective computing, music publishing, future of rights management, collaboration of corporates and startups, startup economy, data economy, APIs and data sharing, music education, design thinking, and music tourism.

Teosto is dedicated to securing a sustainable environment for professional music-making in Finland and to ensuring that Finnish music continues to be performed, now and in the future.