Turo is an innovation accelerator known for co-creating Teosto Futures Lab innovation platform for Teosto. Established in 2016, Teosto Futures Lab has been on the forefront changing the way how music rights management organisations work. He’s been involved in a wide range of music & tech related projects including building future service concepts to music festivals with affective technologies, launching a blockchain platform for music copyright organisations, and leading a Nordic R&D initiative to build a future model for collective management.

Turo’s expertise include open innovation, concept building, ecosystem thinking, future technologies, startup advisory, innovation policy and funding mechanisms added with a deep research background and 10 years music industry experience. He is a regular speaker in international music and creative industry events like MusicBiz, Slush Music, Sonar+D, C/O Pop, Eurosonic, BIME, Linecheck & Nylon Connect. Teosto is the society of musical authors and publishers in Finland.