Poppunt, Excite Network / Project Manager & Communications Officer
Stijn Lemaire is project manager at Poppunt. Poppunt is a bunch of music lovers working every day for the sake of musicians, DJs and producers in Flanders and Brussels. Together with professionals in the music industry, they provide musical talent with the necessary information, advice and opportunities to conquer stages, get airplay and… well, just do what they love to do. Their target group is very large and varies from absolute beginners to professionals in any (popular) musical genre. Together with a team of colleagues Stijn tries to maximize play and media opportunities for emerging bands, musicians and DJ’s in pop, rock, dance and related genres. And this on a local, national and international scale. He has 10+ years of experience in working on successful projects like and
Since the establishment of excite, Stijn is one of the driving forces behind the international network, providing bands with their first European touring experience. Together with a selection of strong international partners like music:LX, he believes in the power of a European network, where we are united by the differences, exhaling the same vision and philosophy building bridges for emerging talents.