Christian started his music industry career in Brussels in 2007, by founding the music export consulting and event agency the rocking factory, which eventually led him to be hired as International Strategy Manager by MXD – Music Export Denmark and ROSA – The Danish Rock Council for whom he developed and executed +20 music export showcases across Europe.

Christian is today managing partner and co-founder at FACTORY 92, an agency based in Hamburg, Germany, which successfully combines PR, marketing and export consulting competences in one house. FACTORY 92 scales its campaign work from the German to the European scale, and operates with a small full-time of 7 people.

FACTORY 92 works for clients such as SZIGET Festival (HU), SPOT Festival (DK), Music Finland (FI), (NL), FKP Scorpio (DE), Roskilde Festival (DK), MCT (DE), Morr Music (DE), Secretly Canadian (US/UK), Cargo Records (DE), Believe Digital (DE, DK, NO & SE), MXD – Music Export Denmark (DK), TUTL (FO), not to menition Sonic Visions (LU) and Music:LX (LU). On the artist side of things FACTORY 92 is involved with both big old names such as Kraftwerk, Blink 182, Muse, Robbie Williams and Red Hot Chili Peppers as well as exciting newer names such as Eivør, Angel Olsen, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Yalta Club and I Have A Tribe.