European Investment Fund / Head of the Competence Centre for Culture and Education
Chiara Amadori is the Head of the Competence Centre for Culture and Education within the EU Guarantee Facilities Division of the European Investment Fund (EIF). She is responsible for the implementation of a number of Capped Guarantee Facilities, including the Cultural and Creative Sectors (CCS) Guarantee Facility, which also embeds a Capacity Building window to the support of Financial Intermediaries’ skills and competence development in CCS financing. Chiara is also supporting the implementation of other Capped Guarantee Instruments managed within the Division across selected Countries e.g. France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

Prior to joining EIF, Chiara also worked at European Investment Bank as Monitoring and Investment Officer for investments in Microfinance Investment Funds active in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Region. Additionally she was also responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the Technical Assistance envelope dedicated to support such investments.