Bianca Jaeger Montobbio

Radar Films & Independent Filmmaker / Director

Bianca joined Radar, a creative studio as a production assistant in 2017. Radar’s music video commissions include work for Sun Glitters, Monophona and Alvin and Lyle. Bianca’s previous experience in the film and advertising industry include editing work and production management in advertising and script supervision.

Recently, Bianca has directed “Dat schwuarzt Gold”, a track by De Läb, ‘’Shock of the fall’’, a music video for Claire Mehlen in collaboration with Grevenmacher high school, ‘’Colorful City”, a music video for Cluttered Clarity and “Mistakes were made”, a music video for indie rock band Almost Endless. In 2016, she directed MindtheRap, a documentary short film set in London, offering a glimpse into the upcoming female rap world.