Born in Brussels, Benigno Perez Carrasco (*1975) is the Director of CG Lux Production SA, a visual production studio based in Luxembourg.
Specialising in 2D and 3D animation, visual FX and virtual reality since 1995, Benigno is striving to develop new technologies in the vastly expanding sector of VR, AR and XR technologies, offering new media solutions for audiovisual productions, education and conventional industry.

His Luxembourgish studio is responsible for visual FX work in 15 films, 16 animation films, several short movies as well as 4 VR film productions, winning important international awards and making a name for Luxembourgish visual and animation work in the world.

Four of these films received international awards:

_ 2012 appointments at the César – A Monster in Paris.
_ 2013 Berlin European Film Prize – The Congress.
_ 2014 Academy Award (Oscars) for best short film – Mr Hublot.
_ 2015 Césars for the best animated film – Les Miniscules