Working (for) the artist

Saturday, Nov 27, 2010
All Day

Who are the essential partners involved in artist development ? Who  is working and investing at which point of the career of an emerging artist (label, agent, mgmt)? How can you find the right person for your career and how does the professional (label, manager…) find and choose the right artist for her/his project ? What are the risks and potential conflicts of a professional collaboration ?
These topics and questions will be discussed by professionals and the audience in order to give a general overview of the relationship between the artist and the music business.

Speakers: Helmut Heuer (Label owner & booking agent – Lounge Records / Electric Chair Hamburg), Paul Matzet (Ashcan Management), Bill Torney (Roadrunner Belgium Label Manager / MTC Records Label Owner/ MTC Management), Christian Buhl (Strategy Manager – SPOT / ROSA / Music Export Denmark), Patrick Bartz (Den Atelier)

Host: Thomas Roscheck (Marketing & P.R. Supervisor – Rockhal)