THE MAN WITH THE PLAN: managers 2015

Saturday, Nov 14, 2015

The music business is constantly evolving and changing and so are the jobs and tasks that are linked to it. But one person seems to stay the central strategic partner for an artist willing to develop his or her career: the manager as the entrepreneur and CEO of the artist’s company. During this panel we will talk about the new business models and challenges that managers are facing in 2015.

Host: Jake Beaumont-Nesbitt (International Music Managers Forum – IMMF)
Speakers: Eric Bichon (Arist Manager – Nouveau Monde & Coordinateur FR de l’Opération Iceberg), Eric Didden (Artist Manager – Gentlemanagement), Michael Roe (Artist Manager & European Label Manager – Sargent House),  Natalia Talayero (MMF Spain & RockMap)