THE LIVE PANEL: Touring Europe

Friday, Nov 14, 2014
All Day

Playing live and touring are essential for upcoming and established artists, both for financial and promotional reasons.  There are plenty of revenue streams and promotional actions for bands to explore while being on tour or planning to do so. But what are the differences between the European countries and their markets? What do these markets have in common and how can you use and work with the specificities of each territory to build up new and upcoming artists?

A panel composed of bookers, touring artists and managers will discuss the realities of today’s touring situation.

Host: Olaf Furniss (Journalist & Born To Be Wide / Wide Days organiser)
Speakers: Michael Bisping (Managing Director – A.S.S. Concerts & Promotion GmbH), Fabien Miclet (Coordinator – Liveurope Platform), Magnus Restofte (Vice CEO & Communication Manager – VEGA), Laurent Sabatier (Directeur – Nouveau Casino), Jamie Wade (Agent – X-ray Touring)