Saturday, Nov 16, 2013
All Day

Never before have Artists and their fans been so close ! Bands have the possibility to promote, share, give or sell their music in a direct relationship to their fans and audience. Social media, direct-to-fan, DIY promotion and collective creativity, there are plenty of new opportunities for those who are ready to leave the beaten track. But what’s the other side of the story? Is it that simple to take advantage of that large panel of possibilities? What can an artist expect from his fan and what are the numerous creative and business opportunities that this strong relationship has to offer in general?

Host: Tim Renner (CEO at Motor Entertainment)
Speakers: Caroline Bottomley (Managing Director – Radar Music Videos), Christian Hald Buhl (Managing Partner – Factory 92),  Henning Dietz (Founder and director of Neu Management LTD), Benji Rogers (Founder and CEO – PledgeMusic)