THE ARTIST PANEL: The road to success or how to stay on it!?

Saturday, Nov 15, 2014
All Day

It’s all about the artist! – So we put them on the panel. Career development, touring, management, royalties… this public mentoring session will give local artists an opportunity to discuss all these topics not only with their peers on the panel but also with the audience where some high profile music professionals will be attending as well.

Host: Allan McGowan (journalist/consultant)
Speakers (artists): Sacha Breuer (Artist – Scarred), Victor Ferreira (Artist – Sun Glitters), Nicolas Przeor (Artist – Mutiny on the Bounty), Jérôme Reuter (Artist – Rome)
Speakers (music professionals): Michael Bisping (Managing Director – A.S.S. Concerts & Promotion GmbH), Matthias Brinkmann (Head Of Digital Marketing -Believe Digital), Herman Hulsens (Booking agent – Peter Verstraelen Agency), Didier Zerath (Artist management & Music industry consultant)