The Artist and his Brand

Saturday, Nov 16, 2019
Location: Oberkorn Suite

Streaming is currently responsible for the growth of the music industry. However, it is far from being the Holy Grail for an artist’s career. Build around one-shot music consumption via playlists and online video releases, it leaves out a most important factor, essential for sustainable artist career development: the brand. Or how artists should come up with a unique identifiable label their fans can relate to, encompassing their music, message and mindset.

This panel discussion provides insights what defines the artist brand identity and how to position the identity to the recipients for a best fit with the perceived image. It will address how the team and media partners can influence the identity and image and discuss how fandom and stardom evolve, how your artist brand should rule your world, the world of your closest business partners and the world of your most enthusiastic fans. This session addresses artists, artist managers and other players in the music industry who are interested in building successful and sustainable artist brands.

More speakers to be announced soon.