Spectrum – Transforming DRM, from sound to blockchain

Friday, Nov 17, 2017

Spectrum is an interactive installation where visitors are invited to discover how DRM (Digital Rights Management) can evolve with the blockchain technology to become more transparent, empower creators, simplify rights protection and facilitate monetization. The Spectrum demo illustrates a collaborative creation cycle, from digital consolidated track to materialised digital rights via the blockchain.

The Spectrum “Transforming DRM, from sound to blockchain” installation is a collaborative project carried by:

Technoport SA – a technology oriented business incubator promoting and supporting the development of innovative companies in Luxembourg
Sonopraxis – a digital art & science consultancy company
Bitbank – a Luxembourg Blockchain Start-up that builds decentralised applications and provides consultancy services
APLA and EGAAS  – a blockchain platform for organizing economic, public and social activities through smart laws and smart contracts
Percussion Tutor – an app and a book for dedicated world percussion enthusiasts


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