Popular Music Education

Friday, Nov 11, 2016
Location: Diekirch Stage

Popular music is a vital part of our everyday life and a valuable form of artistic expression embracing and combining many social and cultural aspects of modern societies. Whereas classical music benefits from a large panel of education and training courses and degrees, popular music is still linked in most people minds to a Do-it-yourself and self-made approach. But things are changing with more and more schools, colleges and resource centres offering courses, degrees, training and coaching programs in the field of popular music, be it on the instrumental and creative level or the business side.

A panel of experts & musicians will discuss the evolutions and the challenges of training and education in pop music and the relevance of a solid background in terms of business knowledge for artists and musicians.

Host: Allan McGowan (Allan McGowan Consultants)

Speakers: Hervé Jeanne (Bass player & Producer), Chris Maas (Session musician – Mumford and Sons, Matt Corby), Marc Meyers (Conservatory for Music, Theatre and Dance of the City of Luxembourg), Gast Waltzing (Grammy Winner & Producer