Platonic Touch – Meet the Makers

Saturday, Nov 18, 2017

Meet the makers behind EDSUN’s platonic touch VR experience! Luxembourg’s unique R’n’B artist EDSUN and realab joined forces to create platonic touch, a new innovative project using VR technology and giving the audience the possibility to perceive music in a new way. During this interview, you can get an exclusive insight into this project by meeting the makers behind one of the most exciting music projects in Luxembourg and the motivation that drives them.

Host: Olaf Furniss (Born To Be Wide, Wide Days / Organizer, Journalist)

Speakers: Elvis Duarte (Beast Entertainment / Co-Founder, Artist Manager), EDSUN (Artist), Damiano Picci (Beast Entertainment / Future Tech- , Marketing Planner)

More info about “Platonic Touch” HERE!