ORBIT Interactive Exhibition

Friday, Nov 15, 2019

Discover the interactive pop-up exhibition ORBIT on display at the Sonic Visions Bar on NOV 15 & 16, created by multidisciplinary artist Someone.

With ORBIT, she has found her own way of releasing new songs, using art and interactive technology. It consists of a music EP, a live show and an Augmented Reality app. To bring people back to actively experiencing new music, she has created a cosmic dreamworld for her songs and art to live in. One that you can step into!

For each of the five songs that make up ORBIT, she created an artwork that becomes a surreal, cosmic portal when viewed through a smart-device with her custom-built app installed. The app uses Augmented Reality to bring the pieces to life and allows you to playfully interact with them. You can fill your room with colourful orbs or build your own star systems, as the matching song plays and the lyrics appear to float in mid-air all around you.

Someone will also showcase her music live and make a demo of the Augemented Reality app during the Someone presents ORBIT presentation on NOV 15.