« Oberkorn, it’s a small town » series* – Playing gigs in the Greater Region (FR, DE, BE, LU)

Friday, Nov 13, 2015

Get practical tips & tricks from pros on how to get and play gigs in France, Germany, Belgium and Luxembourg: contacts & contracts, legal aspects, tour support, dos and don’ts… all you have to know as a band or artist who wants to tour in the Greater Region.

*This is a panel and workshop series named after the Depeche Mode instrumental song « Oberkorn, it’s a small town » which refers to the town in the south of Luxembourg in which the band played a gig in the early 80’s. The series addresses conference topics from a regional and local focus.

With Alain Brohard (Booker – L’Autre Canal), François-Xavier Kernkamp (Manager – SoundGoku), David Maier (Artistic Director – Worms: Jazz & Joy), Sam Reinard (Manager – Rocklab)