Musique 2.0 et état des lieux de l’industrie de la musique

Saturday, Nov 29, 2008
All Day

By Borey Sok, author of Musique 2.0 – Solutions pratiques pour nouveaux usages marketing
The solutions chosen by the disc industry to remedy declining sales are not the most appropriate. Analysing the causes, Borey Sok proposes in his book “Musique 2.0” (Editions IRMA – 2007), paths to be taken by all disc producers, and also musicians, in order to take on the best marketing tool applied to new technologies. The conference will provide an overview of the principal ideas extolled in the book as well as an update of observations in relation to the latest evolutions in the music industry.

The conference will be followed by individual interviews enabling musicians, bands, labels or other people involved in music to receive personalised advice.