Saturday, Nov 16, 2019
Location: Oberkorn Suite

All too often treated as a taboo subject in the music industry, mental health has become an issue as of late, with the tragic passing of acclaimed artists such as Chester Bennington or Avicii. Sudden fame exacerbating depression, a demanding tour life leading to substance abuse, performance anxiety and creative blocks compromising a high-paced career, but also the general confusion of where you are actually headed, constant self-doubt, stress or the obsessive seeking of validation by others… The list of potential threats to an artist’s mental health is scary enough.

That’s why it’s time to talk openly about it! Half presentation, half workshop, this session will help you get familiar with the topic and learn a quick 4-step method empowering you to pave your way for a successful Music Mindstyle, combining a conscious mindset with mindful habits to shape your personal life and musical career.