Meet the right person – about managers, labels, agents and more

Saturday, Nov 26, 2011
All Day

You can’t do everything on your own and you can’t know everything! You will quickly understand that it’s all about choosing the right person, the one who will bring your artistic potential to just another level. There are lots of professionals out there who know the tips and tricks that can help build up your career. This panel will focus on the importance of a precise business and career plan and on the key partners you need to get involved in your development.

Host: Allan McGowan (Journalist/Consultant)
Speakers: Jaakkola Jutta (Executive Director Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic), Volker May (Head of Booking & Events FZW Event, IMMF Vice Chair Europe), Ben Reed (Founding Director of International Arts Organisation Spearfish Ltd.), Carlo Schneider (General Manager, Ace Entertainment), Eric Vandepoorter (Directeur du Bureau Export de la Musique Française à Londres).