Meet the metal pros!

Saturday, Nov 12, 2016

Meet and network with a selection of European bookers, festivals, labels and music professionals active in the field of metal music.

With Jörg Düsedau (Dragon Productions – Co-owner & Managing Director), Jérôme Haultier (Hexagon Booking Agency – CEO ), Jan-Martin Jensen (Inferno Metal Festival & Radar Booking – Owner & Booker), Jeff Jonas (Ronin Management – Manager), Michael Kausch (Alphadoubleplus – Booker), David Lefur (Season of Mist – Import & Export Manager), Maxime Molinari (Damage Done Productions – Booker & President), John Giulio Sprich (Euroblast Festival – Managing Director & Artist Manager), Mark van Schaick (Buma ROCKS! – Conference Programme & Communication Manager)

This speed meeting is fully booked.