Friday, Nov 17, 2017

Let’s get to know each other! Artists, bands and music professionals are welcome to attend this networking event dedicated to Luxembourg.

Speakers: Nathalie Barbosa (Artist Manager), Paul Bradshaw (Rockhal / Booker), Elvis Duarte (Beast Entertainment / Co-Founder, Artist Manager), David Galassi (De Läb , De Läbbel asbl. / Manager, Booker, Promoter, Musician), Adriel von Grünigen (Summer Sky Agency / Artist Development Manager), Marc Hauser (Rotondes / Booker), Luka Heindrichs (Food For Your Senses Festival, De Gudde Wëllen / Manager, Booker), Gustavo Morales (Konrad Café & Bar, Itinerantes asbl. / Booker, Promoter, Musician), John Rech (Ville de Dudelange / Booker, Promoter), Frank Rippinger (E-Lake / Promoter), Giovanni Trono (music:LX / Project Manager), Michel Welter (A-Promotions / Managing Partner)

This speed meeting is fully booked.