Meet Sonotron

Saturday, Nov 16, 2019

When the city of Differdange launched 1535° Creative Hub in 2013, there were whispers of the region’s creative industries.
Luxembourg now recognizes them as assets & these professions are moving from the shadows to the spotlight. Sonotron’s mission is to strengthen the music & sound industries in the same way – by facilitating, unifying & promoting their efforts. Affordable space continues to be a barrier limiting productivity & opportunity within the music & sound industries.
At Sonotron, the usual prerequisites (funding, experience, equipment, skill) don’t apply. Sonotron is the first plug-and-play music & sound studio open to professionals, amateurs & hobbyists alike, featuring 9 rehearsal studios with high-end equipment. Their door is open to anyone itching to make music or engineer sounds. “Anyone” means you too. So come along for a drink and meet the team!