Luxembourg music talk: artists & music professionals from Luxembourg in 2012

Saturday, Nov 24, 2012
All Day

Another year has passed since Sonic Visions 2011 and it’s time to make a round up of the situation in which musicians and music professionals in and from Luxembourg are working and living. The local scene has known some major developments, artists like Mutiny on the Bounty and Sun Glitters have decided to take their projects to the next step and are touring Europe on a regular basis, institutions like the M&R Rockhal and music:LX are offering opportunities, training and artist support and private promoters are considering local artists more and more as potential commercial acts. We think this all sounds great and is a major step forward but we would like to hear what musicians and their teams think! Considered as the follow-up panel of last year’s “Being a musician in/from Luxembourg” the aim of the discussion is to sketch the realities, the life and the issues that musicians and music professionals have to face while trying to build up their project and having their home base in Luxembourg.

Host: Olaf Furniss (Journalist & Born To Be Wide / Wide Days organiser)
Speakers: Victor Ferreira (aka Sun Glitters – producer), Jacques Hoffmann (Food For Your Senses Festival), Patrice Hourbette (Head of Music:LX Luxembourg Export Office), Laurent Loschetter (Promoter – Den Atelier), Nicolas Przeor (Guitar Player – Mutiny on the Bounty).