Labels: past, present, future

Saturday, Nov 26, 2011
All Day

Some think of them as the dinosaurs from a revolved era. Others think they will change the aim of their business and know rebirth like a phoenix. One thing is for sure: Labels have a unique experience and essential resources to connect the artist to his fans (financial, human, logistic, promotional). We would like to investigate why labels do still invest in building up artists when some think they would rather look for the next casting-superstar than launch the career of yet unknown original artists. We will also discuss the present and future models of labels and the way they actually approach artists and work with them.

Host: Dietmar Schwenger (Editor MusikWoche)
Speakers: Janine Lubas (Head of the client & label care department at finetunes GmbH), Prof. Tim Renner (Motor Entertainment), Alexander Schröder (Redfield Records), Billy Torney (Roadrunner Belgium, MTC Records, Risky Business), Anne-Lize Vancraenem (Company lawyer Green l.f.ant Music Company)