IS IT THE ACT OR THE EXPERIENCE?: the festival panel

Friday, Nov 13, 2015

Festivals started as mere music events, today many of them are transforming into must-attend events with a crowd larger and more diverse each year. Branding and commercialization go hand in hand with the need to create the unique spirit for the fans and to match their growing demand for the ultimate experience. Also smaller festivals with a grassroots approach find their niche and tend to attract a loyal audience. Nonetheless the number of festivals that are cancelled or not pursued is constantly increasing. What makes the fan buy his festival ticket and what defines the identity of a festival? These are only some of the questions we will discuss when we talk about the future of music festivals.

Host: Gordon Masson (Editor – IQ Magazine)
Speakers: Tamas Kadar (CEO – Sziget Cultural Management), Sarah Schmitt (Production manager – Festival Rock en Seine), Detlef Schwarte (Director – Reeperbahn Festival Conference), Robert Swarts (Co-owner – Friendly Fire & Festival director – Best Kept Secret)