Exporting the artist

Saturday, Nov 27, 2010
All Day

In addition to the market based export strategies of record companies and other industry partners involved in artist development, structures like Export Offices and other independent or national, regional or local initiatives are working hard to promote and export musicians and talents. In a changing musical landscape in which classical industry partners like record companies are not able to take major financial risks to build up an artist, these structures have become important partners for emerging local talents. This panel will focus on the work of these export structures and show different aspects of their missions.

Host: Olivier Toth (General Manager – Rockhal)
Speakers: Patrice Hourbette (Director – Bureau Export de la Musique Française à Londres), Philipp Schnyder von Wartensee (Festival director m4music / Vice-President of Swiss Music Export / Member of the Board of SUISA), Meira Pappi (Finnish Music Information Centre Fimic), Christian Buhl (Strategy Manager – SPOT / ROSA / Music Export Denmark)