Exporting and promoting European Talent & Music

Friday, Nov 16, 2018
Location: Oberkorn Suite

During the panel speakers from the European Commission, representatives of different European music networks and the Creative Europe desk will address current and future developments aimed at putting music higher on the EU agenda, in terms of policy and regarding programme support from Creative Europe. Furthermore we will show the impact of EU funded programs supporting the promotion, export and career development of emerging music artists in Europe over the last years. As Music Moves Europe is bound to become the major EU funding instrument for the music industry under the next Creative Europe programme, we will also look to the future and discuss potential forthcoming opportunities and challenges the programme could set out to tackle.

Before the panel, Susanne Hollmann, Deputy Head “Cultural Policy” at the European Commission, will give a short overview on recent developments in the context of Music Moves Europe with a focus on EU funding for music.