Digital promotion strategies for musicians with Virginie Berger (Don’t believe the Hype)

Saturday, Nov 24, 2012
All Day

In collaboration with Mulitpistes

What are the tools I need to know and use to build up a clever digital promotion strategy for my band? How can I communicate with fans and involve the community? How can I use traditional and new media and promotion techniques for my band? What are today’s business models on the web and what are the possibilities to monetize my music? This workshop will give musicians and their team an overview of today’s web based music world and the existing strategies and mechanisms they can use to promote themselves. In addition to this the attending bands of the Multipistes network will have the possibility to get personalized advice and tips & tricks for their project. With more than 12 years of experience in the media and music industry, Virginie Berger is the former marketing and content director of MySpace France, and now reader for IMM, Nanterre University, Irma and author (Music and digital strategies). She is the founder and the CEO of DBTH, a strategy, development and management firm, dedicated to artists and creative industries. She is also the publisher of Don’t believe the Hype, a website dedicated to musicians, artists, bands and people from the music industry. It gives them the tools, resources, expertise and guidance to help them take their music career to the next level.