Creative (music) industry Luxembourg: situation & needs

Friday, Nov 17, 2017

Luxembourg has almost 2,200 companies active in the creative industries, employing more than 6,300 people (source Portail Innovation et Recherche//Luxembourg). In addition to the direct economic value they produce, creative industries play an important role in the development of innovation.  2017 saw the birth of a Creative Industries Cluster in Luxembourg, set up on the initiative of the Ministry of Economy and aiming to support its economic development. Music, as a driver and meeting point for innovation, technology, creativity and pop culture, plays an important role in these industries.

During the panel we will discuss topics such as education and training, funding, information and resources needed by those who are active in the creative music industry or willing to develop their activity in a sustainable and professional way in Luxembourg.

Host: Allan McGowan (Allan McGowan Consultants)

Speakers: Tom Baumert (House of Entrepreneurship (Chamber of Commerce) / CEO), Marc Lis (Creative Industries in Luxembourg / Cluster Manager), Carmelo Lo Porto (Ever Ever Management / Manager), Benji Rogers (Dot Blockchain Music Project / CEO)