Booking in the Greater Region (France, Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium)

Saturday, Nov 26, 2011
All Day

In collaboration with Multipistes – Accompagnement musical en Grande-Région

The Greater Region, that’s more than 450 venues organizing concerts on a regular basis and 11 million potential concertgoers! This sounds like a heaven for bands and musicians but let’s don’t forget the tricky side of touring an area that encompasses the regions of 4 different countries: Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg. Some of the bookers of the Greater Region invited for this panel will share the realities of booking in their respective venues and regions: How do they work and what are the differences in the various regions ? What ways do exist to facilitate the touring of artists from different regions and countries ? What advice can they give to bands that wish to tour in the Greater Region ?

Host: Yves Stephany (Journalist)
Speakers: Alain Brohard (Booker – L’Autre Canal, Nancy (F)), Jérôme Daab (Artistic Director & Producer – Festival Le Jardin du Michel, Lorraine (F)), Marc Hauser (Booker -EXIT07 / Carré Rotondes (L)), Kai Jorzyk (Booker, Producer, Head of PR – Rockstar e.V. Saarbrücken (D)), Frédéric Lamand (Booker – L’Entrepôt, Arlon (B)), Jean-Charles Masson (Communications Representative Agence Culturelle Meurthe & Moselle, Nancy (F)), Patrick Perrin (Booker – Musiques Volantes & Les Trinitaires, Metz (F)), Arnaud Velvelovich (Booker – Rockhal (L))