Being an independent musician/producer in 2011

Saturday, Nov 26, 2011
All Day

What does it mean to be an independent musician in 2011? What are the advantages, the difficulties and what does the every day life of an independent musician look like? This panel discussion will describe some key moments in the career of artists and music professionals who were able to or are trying to build up a career in a Do-It-Yourself approach without the help of major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries.

Host: Olaf Furniss (Journalist & Born To Be Wide/Wide Days organiser)
Speakers: Matt Bayles (Producer, Engineer, Musician), Roper Darren (Operations Manager Liverpool Sound City & Promoter Meshuggy Liverpool), Victor Ferreira (Producer, Musician – Sun Glitters),  Joe Koener (Musician – Eternal Tango), Laurent Loschetter (Den Atelier), Alexander Schröder (Redfield Records)