Being a professional musician in Luxembourg

Saturday, Nov 26, 2011
All Day

Over the last 5 years the local music scene has known some major developments and tremendous evolution. Bands like Eternal Tango are about to make it on an international level, artists like Francesco Tristano are collaborating with established acts like Carl Craig, institutions like the Rockhal and music:LX are offering opportunities and artist support and private promoters are becoming aware of the commercial potential of local acts. All that sounds great, but what is the life of a professional musician in/from Luxembourg? Learn about the difficulties and challenges.

Host: Olaf Furniss (Journalist & Born To Be Wide/Wide Days organiser)
Speakers: Patrice Hourbette (Music:LX Luxembourg Export Office), David Moreira (Musician & Lead Singer Eternal Tango), John Rech (Promoter, Musician), Philippe Schirrer (Dj, Producer – Monophona), Pascal Schumacher (Musician, Composer), Serge Tonnar (Musician, Composer, Songwriter)