Backspin International Sessions powered by Sonic Visions and Rocklab

Friday, Nov 15, 2019
Location: Rockhalstudio


BACKSPIN International Sessions (hereinafter referred to as BIS) is a brand new hip-hop export and international cooperation project platform, which was launched by BACKSPIN in cooperation with SPOT Festival during the 2019 edition of the influential music industry event in Aarhus, Denmark. After connecting Danish rappers, songwriters and producers with German ones, BACKSPINs up to connect the German scene with the Luxemburgish one in its upcoming second edition of BIS. During 48h hours, 2 German producers and 2 German MCs will meet with their Luxembourgish counterparts and come up with a bunch of brand-new tracks at the end of the session!


BACKSPIN was founded in 1994 and is the oldest active hip-hop magazine in Germany. BACKSPIN has successfully made the digital media transition and runs a YouTube Channel
with almost 250k followers, boasting 90 Million views. Niko BACKSPIN, Head of BACKSPIN, has also become a true German hip-hop influencer in his own right.


Hip-hop has been dominating the European charts for years, yet there has never been any structured attempts to develop cooperation and export across the border. Hip-hop being
naturally regional when seen from the linguistic MC point of view could be one reason. The songwriting and production however is not limited by language and as such BIS aims to help unlock the major export and cooperation potential found between the different national hip-hop markets/scenes.

Alphamob (DE), RGB1 (DE), Skinnyblackboy (DE),  Luvre47 (DE), Céhashi (LU) & Magestick Records (LU), MAZ (LU) and Nicool (LU) will participate.