Artist support in the Greater Region: different strategies, a single goal?

Thursday, Nov 10, 2016
Location: Diekirch Stage

The music industry is changing faster than ever, labels seem less keen to invest into artists from the start, the all-digital revolution impacts the ways of selling and promoting music and artists are expected to be ready for the stage in no time. The knowledge required by today’s artists to get a career started and make it last may seem tremendous. But that’s precisely where artist support programs come into play. Be it general information on how the industry works, project-related follow-up & support or assistance to develop a live show, several structures based in France, Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg and initiatives like the Multipistes network in the Greater Region provide such resources.

The panel will discuss the role of such programs in today’s industry, the distinct philosophies in each territory and the advantages of a common cross-border approach.

Host: Olaf Furniss (Born To Be Wide / Wide Days  – Organizer & Journalist)

Speakers: Jean-Christophe Gérard (Multipistes / L’Autre Canal – Project Coordinator), Markus Graf (LAG Rock & Pop in Rheinland – Pfalz eV – Executive Chairman), François-Xavier Kernkamp (SoundGoku – Manager), Sam Reinard (Rocklab – Manager)