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The fresh Trip-Pop duo from Luxembourg is the collaboration between Deborah Lehnen (vocals – synthesizers) and Michael Galetto (drum machines – synthesizers) aka [vwaz] which have been evolving in many side-projects since the early 00’s. Very inspired by the sounds of 80’s, hip hop, soul and electronic music, they created a universe of their own, by mixing heavy beats, samples and soulful vocals.  [vwaz] is creating songs that remind you of movie soundtracks. ‘Short and eclectic’ might be the point of order. Combined with Deborah Lehnen’s voice, Synthesis is the perfect mix between pop, underground & experimental electronic music. Their debut EP “Human” is out now!

Hometown: your eardrums, Luxembourg (LU)

The truth: we really love to see you dance

What to buy: 1st EP “Human” released on April 2013

File next to: Phantogram, Aluna George, Quadron…