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Soulhenge is a five-piece modern metal band from the north of Luxembourg and was formed in late 2012. The band quickly found its place in the local metal scene and performed at festivals like Food for your SensesDe Kolla Festival or On Stéitsch. In 2013 and 2015, the band won the “Coup de Coeur” and “Best Promotion” awards at the Screaming Fields Festival organized by Rockhal’s Rocklab. Furthermore the band did a follow-up program at Rocklab in order to prepare their first album. Since the release of that album in 2014, named “Fragments”, the quintet managed to grow its fan base constantly. With their new front man joining in 2015, Soulhenge are ready to extend their swift progression, influenced by the sounds of bands, such as MonumentsTesseract or Erra. In May 2016, they finally released their new EP ‘Anachronism’ at the Floor of the Rockhal.