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Matt Simons

There’s something about Matt Simons’ work that just seems to touch people. A West Coast talent who found success outside his homeland, his music reached huge audiences, with both studio albums to date – Pieces and Catch & Release – moving across the continent.

Now it’s time for the rest of the world to follow suit. Third album ‘After The Landslide’ is his biggest and most ambitious, most personal record yet – imagine the taut emotion of Bon Iver matched to the sheer unrelenting grace of Springsteen and you’d be close. ‘It’s been quite a long process,’ the Californian native smiles modestly. ‘I wrote these songs about the two years ago, for the most part. To get it all right has just taken a long time, so I’m very, very ready to get it out there.’

It’s a record that approaches some of the Big Themes in our lives – love, loss, grief and the power it takes to get through it all. After The Landslide is the sound of a voice coming fully into focus, a sign that Matt Simons has truly harnessed his gift. ‘I’m starting to realize that as you keep making records the goal is to sound the most like yourself. This one is as close as I’ve gotten, but I still think I can get closer. There’s more to be done.’