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Mammút are melodic and catchy and beautiful and addictive. They are also darker and heavier than you think they are—maybe they tricked you? This is true though: Mammút craft distorted and beautiful lullabies while maintaining a solid grasp on melody and an eternally independent spirit. You will love Mammút. You already do. Mammút are three girls and two guys. Mammút are in their early-to-mid-twenties. Mammút have released three LPs, because Mammút started early, and Mammút never went away and Mammút keep playing shows and writing songs. Mammút are right here. Mammút are right now. It’s sort of amazing. Mammút constantly tour the world. Every single song Mammút have promoted to radio has reached the top of the Icelandic rock charts. Mammút have an audience. Mammút are in a state of continuous evolution and flux, yet Mammút have developed a unique and gripping sound and fury that is unmistakably theirs. Mammút are special. Mammút might be your favorite band already. The band Mammút sound nothing like anything else. The band Mammút are independent, energetic, explosive, heavy, aggressive, humorous and loving. On stage and in the studio, they manage create a world entirely of their own while bringing to mind some of the best, most enduring rock music of the past decades. You’ll never hear or see anything like the band Mammút. Mammút awaits.