From the moment Leslie Clio starts singing on her debut single, „Told You So,“ it’s clear that she’s captured the essence of great soul music and updated it for a new era. Leslie Clio oozes the type of soul and authenticity that her forbears like Dusty Springfield or Lauryn Hill had. Some may see a young blonde woman and decide to call Leslie’s music blue-eyed soul, but it’s not cold, manufactured or distant. Leslie Clio is as direct as a 3 a.m. come-hither stare or a slap in the face. It’s bloodshot-eyed soul. This authenticity gives her an air of confidence that’s rare in these days of anonymous pop packaging.

Hometown: Berlin (GER)

The buzz: modern Soul with a touch of retro

The truth: authentic blue-eyed soul

What to buy: Debut album : Gladys

File next to: Adele, Duffy, Dusty Springfield