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The background: It’s been ten years since José Gonzales released his debut “Veneer”, a classically finger-picked folk pop album. José’s newest work “Vestiges & Claws”, is a(nother) hushed and delicate solo set that forefronts the artist and guitarist’s compellingly intimate vocal style and intricate playing technique, recorded almost entirely by José and self-produced, mostly in his Gothenburg home.

Hometown: Göteborg, Sweden.

The truth:  It may be seven years since he released a solo record, but José has been anything but idle in that time. He’s delivered two albums with the band Junip.

The buzz: José’s cover version of The Knife’s “Heartbeats” has been used in a Sony commercial featuring 250,000 coloured bouncing balls and appeared in One Tree Hill, Scrubs, Bones, 90210 and many other series.

What to buy: “Vestiges & Claws”.

File next to: Barbarossa.