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Hurts are back on the airwaves worldwide with their epic new album, Exile, and its first hit single, Miracle. The ultimately suave synth duo from Manchester, Theo Hutchcraft and Adam Anderson, take things in a darker and – subtly nuanced – heavier direction. With lyrics about sadism, sickness, possessiveness and envy, Exile employs greater variety than Happiness, their debut featuring the hit singles Wonderful World and Stay. Exile goes from acoustic grand piano to what sounds like electric guitar, but without sacrificing any of the grandeur. Exile is often reminiscent of Soft Cell or late 1980s Depeche Mode and it’s on close personal terms with absolute pop magnificence. Hurts are brought to you by Den Atelier.

The buzz: Kylie Minogue’s song Wonderful Life on BBC
The truth: From the Madchester scene
What to buy: The second album “Miracle”
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