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The background: Grand Blanc comes from that Cold East. Where great cathedrals would mix with blast furnaces. It wouldn’t take long crossing the border when we took the highway. We would listen to old Bashung records, in the 80’s, when France would wear Joy Division’s shirts. We would talk a bit about literature, and a lot about music, we would pray for a nice gig on Saturdays. Or we would go to a match, and pray for at least one goal. Or we would go to the bar. We would avoid somehow going to Mass, but we would not avoid Metz, and our rides would sure wear us out. Some wanted to get their heads into the blast furnace, some others wanted to end up in the great cathedral.

Hometown: France.
The buzz:
 They were an amazing support act for  the band Fauve.
The truth: Grand Blanc joined Fauve as support act during their last tour.
What to buy: Their EP, “Nord”.
File next to: Lescop, Fauve.